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I love the place that I live, but I hate the people in charge

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j chillin


NAME: Lindsey

AGE: 18


EMAIL ADDRESS: xXsophisticat3d@aim.com


OTHER CHARACTERS: Emma Frost, Rictor


NAME: Elijah “Eli” Bradley


SERIES/SOURCE: Marvel: Young Avengers

AGE: 16


ROLE: Student

BACKGROUND: Eli Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America. The progenitors of the Super Soldier project tested early versions of the serum on African-American soldiers, many of whom died in the process. In an attempt to cover up the whole project, US soldiers executed the commander in charge of the operation as well as hundreds of test subjects. Isaiah managed to survive, and discovered the Germans were working on a similar project. He stole a prototype Captain America uniform, and embarked on a suicide mission to stop it. He managed to kill the scientist in charge of the project, but was captured immediately afterwards, where he was horribly experimented on. He was rescued several weeks later, but was court-martialed and imprisoned. Years later, he received a presidential pardon. However, he remains disenheartened by the experience, almost a shell of his former self. He returned to New York City, where he currently lives with his wife, near his children and grandchild. Eli visited his grandfather often, and learned his story at a very early age. It led him to an active interest in politics and US history, and a whole lot of anger towards the US government for treating his grandfather (as well as, obviously, African-Americans as a whole) so poorly. This attitude caused some problems at his prestigious magnate school with some of the more conservative students. At one point, a conflict escalated into an actual physical fight when Eli was shoved, at which point his newly manifested mutant powers were revealed, both to him and to his classmates. He was suspended for fighting. Eli wanted to go public with his mutant powers, which his parents thought was a tremendously bad idea. They compromised, and Eli was enrolled at the Xavier Institute, where he could be as mutant as he wanted.

PERSONALITY: Eli is a little grumpy, and prone to righteous indignation. He cares deeply about people, and about THE PEOPLE. He is opinionated and a little argumentative, kind of bossy but does his best to let other people have their say. He’s really a nice guy, provided you’re not a horrible bigot. He really does love his country, even if he doesn’t always love what it does.

APPEARANCE: He’s about medium height, fairly muscular, with a shaved head . Obviously he’s African-American.

POWERS: His powers are similar enough to those of the Super Soldier Serum that his parents considered having him say he received a blood transfusion from his grandfather. Obviously Eli was having NONE OF IT, because he was a mutant and proud of it. Regardless, his powers include mild super strength, superhuman reflexes, and increased stamina. He also has a good mind for stategy, but that probably came of playing too much Age of Empires as a kid.



First-person sample:

Man, I really hope this school turns out better than my last one. Don’t know what a bunch of young Republicans were doing running around Manhattan, anyway. At least here people won’t talk shit about mutants in front of me.

I don’t know if the other kids brought costumes, but I made one back when I was planning on staying in the City. It’s pretty good, I think. I even made throwing stars. I know the X-Men disbanded and all, but maybe they’ll let us do some basic superhero-type stuff. Community service and all that. Hey, worth a shot.

Anyway, I’m gonna go pack. Gotta hide the throwing stars under something before my Grandma comes over. We’re just having dinner, but I swear she’s got X-ray vision.

Third-person sample: Eli scowled. He was gathered around the kitchen table with his family, and he wasn’t liking what he was hearing.

“You want me to hide my powers?” he asked angrily. “You want me to hide who I am?”

“That’s not it at all,” said his mom. “We just think it’d be safer if you provided a…different explanation.”

“If I say I’m not a mutant,” said Eli. “So everyone can kiss my butt and call me hero.”

“We just think—“ his dad began.

“I don’t care what you think!” Eli shouted. He stood up from the table and slammed his fist down. “I’m a goddamn mutant! If people don’t like it they can save their own sorry asses for all I care! Maybe if more people told everyone they were mutants people wouldn’t be so racist about it and think that’s okay!”

“It scares people, honey,” said his mom. “Not us, of couse, but you know how people are. Maybe when you grow up you can do some work for mutant’s rights, you can be a lawyer like you wanted—”

“So in the meantime I can just tell some bullshit story about Grandpa?” Eli sneered.

“Watch your language, boy,” said his dad. “We don’t talk like that in this house.”

“No, we just lie to everyone about who we are,” said Eli bitterly. “Screw this. I’m going to my room.”

He stormed off. Behind him, his parents exchanged glances. This was going to be a long night.


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